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Page Bartelt

Your Game Changer

We are dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their full potential, overcome obstacles, and thrive in high-pressure environments. Join us on a journey of growth, resilience, and success.

Better Under Pressure founder Page Bartelt is an internationally sought-after performance coach and former professional tennis player. Always been driven to excel, Page was a United States top ranked national player from the age of 8. She specializes in building physiological, mental, and emotional resilience to help you thrive in high-pressure arenas and circumstances, on and off the court.



Professional Coaching 

Page's role as a personal and professional coach extends far beyond the tennis court. Her guiding principles of embodied wisdom, resilience, integration, breakthroughs, and somatic language serve as a compass for individuals navigating life, leadership, self-awareness, and professional growth.

Tennis Coaching & Consulting 

Whether you seek match analysis, stroke analysis, strategic career guidance, or a one-time consultation, our expert coach, Page, is here to offer invaluable insights and personalized support tailored to your specific needs.


“Page was my absolute favorite coach and the most influential coach I had in my entire tennis career”

– Maggie Mellow, full ride tennis scholarship, University of Texas (class of 2011)

“Page has helped me overcome many obstacles with my tennis, both mentally and technically, that has enabled me to grow immensely. I feel like I have become a different player having Page as a mentor, someone to talk to and help guide me through everything is something that I’m very grateful for.”

– Nina Krecklenberg, full ride tennis scholarship, University of Louisiana, at Lafayette (class of 2028)

Keynote Speaking & Presenting

In the world of high-pressure environments, Page is the catalyst for transformation. As a keynote speaker, she excels in reshaping our perspective on pressure, harnessing her extensive professional and personal life experiences to ignite the flame of resilience.




Parents Survival Guide to Junior Tennis

Finding the right coach and navigating tournaments while supporting your whole child. By Page Bartelt

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“Throughout my journey, I realized that injuries were not setbacks but opportunities for immense growth. They became portals to refine techniques, gain more power with less effort, and embrace the excitement of making substantial progress."

– Page Bartelt 

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