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Page Bartelt
Welcome to Better Under Pressure

Founder Page Bartelt draws upon her wealth of professional expertise and extraordinary life experiences to offer expert insights and invaluable tools for boosting nervous system resilience. Her unwavering mission is to serve as a comprehensive support system, empowering individuals to unlock their fullest human potential and achieve their loftiest aspirations. 


Page provides tailored guidance to individuals and their support networks, equipping them with the means to conquer burnout, build essential support teams, and master critical thinking systems that propel them toward resounding success.


With a background also in conflict resolution from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Page is well-equipped to assist her clients in resolving both internal and external conflicts, whether on or off the court. Her expertise enables her to approach challenges with a holistic perspective, allowing her to identify and address the underlying issues that often fuel disputes, benefiting not only her clients' performance on the court but also their ability to manage family and interpersonal relationships, as well as address any management-related issues effectively.

About BUP
Our Key Principles

We are firm believers that building resilience, self-awareness, and the ability to thrive under pressure is attainable for all. Guided by Page's expertise, we have distilled her five transformative principles that form the bedrock of our teaching, coaching, and mentoring. These principles are not only key to your personal and professional growth but also vital for achieving success and making a meaningful impact. 

Principle 1:
Unlock Lasting Change Faster

  • Harness the power of your nervous system for lasting, tangible change.

  • Overcome obstacles and accelerate personal growth.

  • Embrace embodied wisdom for success in sport and high-pressure situations.

Principle 2:
Thrive Under Pressure

  • Understand and optimize your nervous system for peak performance.

  • Build resilience and enhance neurological endurance.

  • Excel under pressure on the court and in demanding environments.

Principle 3:
Unleash Your Full Potential

  • Integrate mind, body, and spirit through the nervous system.

  • Overcome resistance and self-sabotage for meaningful transformation.

  • Experience growth in tennis and your professional life.

Principle 4:
Overcome Self-Limiting Barriers

  • Recognize and conquer self-imposed limitations.

  • Engage your body and nervous system for breakthroughs.

  • Unleash your true potential through embodiment practices.

Principle 5:
Optimize Performance & Adaptability

  • Maximize performance and adaptability with somatic language and coaching.

  • Enhance your understanding of the nervous system's role with neuroscience insights.

  • Achieve peak performance through expert coaching in high-pressure situations.

About Page
Meet Page Bartelt

Page's remarkable journey through the world of sports is a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion. Starting as a tennis prodigy at the tender age of 7, she has grown into a true athlete and inspirational figure, known for her humility and commitment to helping others overcome obstacles.


Page's path was not without its share of setbacks, including numerous injuries. Yet, she saw these setbacks as opportunities for growth. Her determination to stay in peak performance condition led her to explore efficient training, injury prevention techniques, and stress reduction strategies. Her commitment to continuous improvement became a hallmark of her journey.

Her expertise isn't confined to sports alone.  Page's mission is to help individuals, parents, and coaches alike discover their full potential in sports and life, just as she has. Her passion for life extends far beyond the tennis court. Splitting her time between Los Angeles and Sydney, she cherishes moments with her family and nurtures her interests in tennis, painting, and stand-up comedy.

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