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Professional Coaching

Page's role as a personal and professional coach extends far beyond the tennis court. Her guiding principles of embodied wisdom, resilience, integration, breakthroughs, and somatic language serve as a compass for individuals navigating life, leadership, self-awareness, and professional growth.

Bartelt's coaching isn't confined to athletes alone; it's a transformative journey for anyone seeking to excel in various aspects of life. Whether you're striving to improve leadership skills, build self-awareness, or enhance your professional capabilities off the court, Page's approach is adaptable and effective.


Through tailored strategies, insightful consultations, and somatic coaching techniques, Page empowers her clients to thrive under pressure, break through self-imposed barriers, and unlock their true potential in diverse arenas. With Page as your coach, you'll gain the tools needed to excel both professionally and personally, ultimately achieving excellence and fulfillment beyond the boundaries of sports.


Starter Pack

Starter Pack

3 week program

Unlock your potential with the Starter Pack, a personalized program crafted specifically for designed for high-performing individuals, whether you're an athlete, a professional, or an entrepreneur. Through a combination of in-person sessions and at-home tools, you will optimize your nervous system and cultivate a growth mindset. Gain a deep understanding of how your nervous system operates, discover personalized reset techniques, and harness the power of fight, flight, or freeze responses. From managing stress to overcoming self-sabotage, this offering empowers you to achieve peak performance in all areas of your life. 

Fee: US$500

Immersion Series

12 week program

Immerse yourself in a transformative 12-week journey that elevates your performance to new heights. With eight in-person sessions, integrative at-home work, and micro-coaching support, the Immersion Series facilitates lasting change. Gain profound insights into your nervous system, triggers, and unique reset capacities. Release old narratives, repetitive behaviors, and resistance that hinder your progress. Tailored for high-level professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs, this program empowers you to surpass limitations and excel under pressure.

Fee: US$3600


Mastery Series

6 month coaching program

Embark on a transformative six-month journey with our Mastery Series, meticulously designed to propel your performance to unprecedented levels. This comprehensive coaching program includes 15 in-person sessions and continuous micro-coaching support, offering a dynamic blend of personalized guidance and powerful insights. Overcome obstacles, unlock your fullest potential, and experience significant and lasting transformations in your health, career, sport, or relationships. Tailored for ambitious professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs, the Mastery Series equips you with the essential tools and mindset necessary to conquer challenges and pursue your dreams

Please note that pricing for the Mastery Series is provided upon consultation, ensuring it aligns with your unique requirements and level of support needed.

Gymnasts Feets

“ I understand that each athlete or performer's journey is unique, but what I know without a doubt is that when we fully engage in life, whether in sports, work, or relationships, our mind-body connection reveals where we are stuck and empowers us to move forward with success."

– Page Bartelt 

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